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Dental Emergencies- Seen same day at Malvern Hills Dental Care

Emergency dental appointments for unregistered patients have an initial fee of £60.00, this includes an initial assessment.

The treating dentist will always go through and explain all of your treatment options and will give you an estimate for any additional treatment that may be needed.

Unfortunately a dental emergency can happen at any time without any warnings. Here at Malvern Hills Dental Care we set aside a number of appointments each day specifically for dental emergencies, these appointments are limited and as a result get booked quite quickly. If you are experiencing pain or have a dental emergency we advise you to contact the practice to book an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

If your dental emergency is out of hours please call ​111 ​for help and advice.

Common Dental Emergencies

Lost fillings – if you have lost or broken a filling it is important to go see a dentist to have the filling replaced to help prevent any sensitivity and remove and prevent any decay that may occur if left untreated. The dentist may place a temporary dressing at the emergency dental appointment, and request another appointment for you if more time is needed for your treatment.

Broken or fractured teeth – If a tooth breaks we advise you to book a dental appointment as soon as possible, especially if the tooth is causing pain. The fractured tooth may also cause your tongue to become sore if there are any sharp edges present. You may find it best to avoid anything particularly hot or cold if it becomes temperature sensitive.

Swelling or Abscess – if you have any kind of swelling it is important that you seek emergency dental advice and treatment as soon as possible, as these are usually signs of an infection. Swelling can also occur after a dental trauma so please book an appointment for assessment.

Accidental dental trauma – chipped, broken teeth or in severe cases teeth can knocked out or become mobile after a fall or sport related injury, swelling may also occur, it is advisable to seek help from a dentist as quickly as possible after a dental trauma.

Lost crown – if you have unfortunately lost a crown or bridge, please keep it in a safe place and take it with you when you go to see the dentist, so that if possible it can be re-cemented for you. We DO NOT advise the use of glue or cement to replace at home.

Broken dentures – if you have a broken denture please refrain from continuing to wear the broken denture as it may result in further damage and it may also cause trauma to the soft tissues within your mouth.

Toothaches – any sudden, severe pain or constant discomfort we advise you to book an emergency dental appointment to uncover and treat the cause, which will resolve the issue leaving you pain free.

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